DMAR Capital Offers Alternative Funding Options for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

DMAR Capital Offers Alternative Funding Options for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Helping small and medium sized businesses grow with easy, simple, and fast financing

Businesses may start from a fresh perspective or a creative idea, but the harsh truth remains – to get off the ground, funding is a crucial factor. Essentially, funding is the fuel that powers a business, whether it is a small startup or a grand venture.

There have been many instances where a business’s lack of capital hindered them from achieving success. And this is what DMAR Capital is striving to change as they provide alternative funding options for both small and medium sized businesses.

In the process of securing  business capital, the most common approach is by securing a traditional bank loan. However, bank loans adhere strictly to guidelines and data such as industry risks and credit scores.

Most often than not, business ideas that fall into the category of being too risky are denied. Not to mention that these processes can take months to fund.

Why partake in a tedious process when the results are not even secure? At DMAR Capital, not only do they specifically help business owners succeed, they can fund businesses one to two business days after application.

“Access to fast funding leverages a business’s ability to fund initiatives aimed at increasing sales,” says Jorge Urbieta, Founder and CEO of DMAR Capital. “Traditional bank loans can take months to fund. We can fund a business in 24 to 48 hours after application.”

Currently, DMAR Capital offers a variety of loan products to qualified small and medium sized business owners. This includes short term loans, long term loans, SBA, lines of credit, real estate financing, equipment financing, and working capital.

Applying for funding at DMAR Capital is easy, simple, fast, and free. In fact, it only takes three steps to apply – just quickly fill out the application form, wait for an offer in 24 hours, and then receive funding based on one’s chosen program within 48 hours.

Not to mention it doesn’t require unnecessary paperwork and takes into consideration other factors apart from credit.

Through DMAR Capital, customers can enjoy greater flexibility with more product options that fit their specific needs. They can even have a consultation with a dedicated funding specialist to better understand the business’s true funding needs.

As business lending experts, DMAR Capital works with multiple lending partners on their customers’ behalf so they don’t have to. And with their financial support, small and medium-sized businesses across the U.S. and Canada can get the best rates and terms possible – helping them grow businesses and reach new heights.

For more information about DMAR Capital, visit their website at https://www.dmarcapital.com.

About DMAR Capital

DMAR Capital is a commercial loan brokerage that specializes in providing alternative funding options for small and medium sized businesses across the U.S. and Canada.